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MH Fishing was started by Scott Magnus and Charles Hayter, both of us are very active anglers and spend a lot of time fishing.

Scott is a active competitive Provincial Angler fishing mostly out of Durban and the Zululand Coast of South Africa. He has travelled to places like Mozambique, Madagascar, Maldives and other Indian Ocean Islands to fish. His absolute passion is Game and Billfishing and particularly targeting Couta which you find him doing on most weekends in season.

Charles fishes mostly out of the North Coast of South Africa at ZInkwazi and spends a lot of time at his favourite place being Inhaca Island in Southern Mozambique. He has travelled and fished in Places like West Africa, East Africa, Cape Verde and the US. He is most passionate about Billfishing and spends a lot of time targeting them at Inhaca Island, with Wahoo being his favourite Gamefish to catch.


 With both of us being Boat owners and passionate fisherman, we have found it increasingly frustrating to source quality equipment for our sport. This has lead us to purchase a vast amount of Equipment from overseas and we would like to be able to provide people like ourselves with a solution to their Frustrations locally. We are firm believers in the philosophy of buy once and buy right, hence our focus is on Premium Products, we are not willing to sell someone something that you won’t find on our boats. We use all of the products we sell and work closely with some of the owners of these companies to fine tune the products they manufacture. We are not salesman that have never been offshore simply pushing sales for the simple view of profit. Give us a call and have a chat with us, we would love to be of assistance and offer you the right Solution for the task you want to perform. Tight Lines, Scott and Charles

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